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mtratpedos's Journal

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This is the webcomic about MTR at the Pedos Cafe, made by chAka chakazard and Amanda petrunka. It's the funniest thing ever, but would be even funnier as a cartoon with chAka doing everyone's voices.

"anubis" the rock opera, 50 cent, a box of chives, all you can eat, anubis, anubis and jesus, apologising, asshole, babylon village, bad acoustic guitar music, basements, being "smart", bodegas, book stores, bowling in prom dresses, brentwood, brownies, cafes, chess, chips and dip, circles, clockdumb, coffee, coffee houses, coldstone ice cream, cracka hoes, crybabies, cycles, death, deer park ave, dksz, double a batteries, douche kids, drinking games with water, espresso, fatty z, free pizza, free tattoos, g unit, g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-unit, getting arrested, ghetto blue, ghost cops, good acoustic guitar music, having a book, hipsters, hotties, hummus, hummus is love, independent artist community, italian sodas, jeff's stories, jessie mtr, jive, joke books, limc, lirr, mary, midnight radio, misspelling words, mtr, music theory, not too shabby, one thing i enforce, online comics, open mic night, orgasm noises, our friend jb, paninis, partying like rock stars, pedophiles, phelps lane, photoshop, pimps, pisces merchandise, poetry, poetry night, pointy chins, pussy ass north babylonians, rabbits, ring of fire, rock operas, saying things like twice, slam poetry, spikes, stalkers, sushi, sweet hollow road, taco bell, tea, the boat, the jive goblet, the pisces cafe, the roll party, train stations, uncle jesse's sweet hair, vegans, vegetarians, vickie, vickie jr., walking barefoot, webcomics